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How You Can Help
The Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother both serve and empower the poor by sharing God's love through ministry and prayer. They are skilled teachers, compassionate caregivers, attentive counselors, caring friends and gentle companions to those in need--the sick, the poor, the young, the old and those in crisis.

The Sisters rely on the monetary contributions of caring individuals to support their ministries. There are a variety of programs and areas where you can support their work. Please consider making a donation to help the Sisters help the poor. Secure online donations can be made here.

Areas of need:

Help in the Area of Greatest Need
Nutrition & Healthcare for Children and Eldercare exness trading - Dominican Republic
Nutrition and healthcare for severely malnourished children & elderly care in the poorest villages along the border of Haiti & the Dominican Republic
The Sisters visit 36 remote villages every week as part of their rural health and nutrition program, monitoring the malnutrition of children and providing lifesaving food and supplies. Medical professionals visit alongside the Sisters to provide basic healthcare services and train health aides in each of the villages to identify health problems. Water filters, garden planting and animals have been donated to help the poor sustain their families. An eldercare program provides meals and helps aging residents with basic needs. Additional programs are being developed to offer opportunities for youth education and community training.
Education & Healthcare - Dominican Republic
Preschools, training centers & critical healthcare services in the Dominican Republic
Through the SSM Foundation, the poorest of the poor are served in preschool centers and rural health clinics. Young adults are prepared to make their way in life in the literacy and vocational training centers, and the needs of the elderly are being addressed through programs.
Tanzania Missions
Healthcare clinic, kindergartens & clean water programs in Tanzania
Despite the challenges of no electricity or clean water, unbelievably poor roads and extreme poverty, SSM has established five kindergartens and a healthcare clinic in Ifunde, Kahama, Tanzania. The Sisters teach in the kindergartens and offer a nutritious meal every day. At the clinic, they provide diagnostic testing and treatment of diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis, minor surgery and assistance to pregnant women, They also offer home visits for the elderly or homebound. The Sisters hope to start a professional training program for young people, teaching them how to use a sewing machine and learn basic technology.

Brazil Missions
Education, childcare & food programs for the poor in Brazil
A childcare center has been established to care for children ages 0-6 throughout the day while their mothers work. In addition, educational programs are provided for children, and more than 400 youth receive a daily hot meal exness trade. Sisters teach at the Billy Gancho School, which offers elementary, middle and high school student programs. Also, St. Francis of Assisi University opened in 2005 offering evening courses in education, administration and accounting for young adults.
SSM helps the poor in the U.S., Caribbean, Brazil, Tanzania, Italy, Austria and Germany. The primary focus is bringing lifesaving medical care and essential education programs to the poorest communities. The Sisters also provide other critical community-building services such as food and clean water programs, childcare, eldercare, and peacemaking programs including professional training, educational seminars, family workshops and counseling services.

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Caribbean Missions
Educational & healthcare missions in the Caribbean
St. Rose Modern Secondary School in Grenada, a Catholic institution dedicated to the holistic development of its students, was opened in September 1966, and today serves approximately 400 students. In Trinidad, Sisters work as nurses with HIV hospice patients in a community that provides comfort and solace to the suffering.
Peacemaking Programs - Caribbean
Programs to decrease violence and promote peace in the Caribbean
The Franciscan Institute for Personal and Family Development uses holistic, psycho-spiritual methods to deliver workshops and retreats that teach non-violent ways of relating to self, others and creation – to facilitate growth and healing and promote a culture of peace. The Sisters work with schools, families, couples, professionals, religious communities and government officials. This is an itinerant ministry of Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia and Grenada.
U.S. Missions
Education, clothing and supplies for poor children in the United States
Sisters provide educational programs to help young adults with language skills and professional development in poor communities in Wisconsin. In addition, donations of children’s books, shoes, clothing and other supplies are given to the poorest families in communities across Wisconsin. Other assistance is given to the poor in Oklahoma, Kansas and New Jersey.
Vocations - New Sisters
Formation of new Sisters
To sustain the efforts of the Sisters in providing healthcare and educational programs for the poorest communities across the world, more women must be attracted to join the Congregation. Efforts to recruit new members to the Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother include attending vocation fairs, advertising, Web sites, printed materials, social media efforts and hosting retreats for people interested in religious life.

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