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Every year, the Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother celebrate the jubilees, or milestone anniversaries, of many of our Sisters.

A jubilee is an important celebration for each jubilarian and for the Congregation, as it indicates the many years of commitment that a Sister has dedicated to serving others.

Jubilees are celebrated at an annual liturgy with the local  Bishop and the other local jubilarians. Family, friends, colleagues and other acquaintances come to celebrate with each Sister to commemorate this important milestone.

Congratulations to our 2013 Jubilarians:

Sister M. Constance W., 70 Years
Sister Catherine Mary H., 60 Years
Sister M. Margrit I., 60 Years
Sister M. Thomasina G., 60 Years
Sister Marie D., 50 Years
Sister M. Angela M., 50 Years

Remembering our 2012 Jubilarians:

Sister M. Agape R., 75 Years
Sister Marie H., 70 Years
Sister Frieda M., 60 Years
Sister M. Rosella R., 60 Years
Sister M. Sylvia E., 60 Years
Sister M. Sebastiana L., 60 Years

Remembering our 2011 Jubilarians:

Sister M. Flora S., 75 Years
Sister Mary Urban H., 75 Years
Sister M. Severina K., 75 Years
Sister Ann Mary N., 60 Years
Sister Catherine Mary K., 60 Years
Sister M. Frances M., 60 Years
Sister M. Laetare N., 60 Years
Sister M. Theresa R., 60 Years
Sister M. Mark S., 60 Years
Sister M. Florence H., 50 Years
Sister M. Angela K., 25 Years
Sister M. Elizabeth L, 25 Years
Sister Marlyn J., 25 Years
Sister Angella Maria S., 25 Years
Sister Annette W., 25 Years

Honoring the Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother Jubilarians

Each year, we create a video tribute in honor of the Sisters celebrating their jubilees. View our most recent video tributes on our YouTube Channel:

Sr Sylvia at her jubilee